‘Abios’ Employment Agency

Σμυρνής Κωνσταντίνος

Σμυρνής Κωνσταντίνος

I am Smyrnis Konstantinos retired Greek Police Officer, with great experience, having served for 30 years. Therefore, I am acting for the full details of my employees and my clients feel safe. In addition, the working persons are aware of this and do not proceed to any malicious acts and injustices in their working area.
For many years I have been activating as a professional in the labor and human resources private consultancies, mediating between employers and employees. I have gained much experience, and the clients, when one recommends another (friend, relative, etc.), tell each other: ”… for your own peace of mind go to Smyrnis … he handles everything himself and its staff is educated and experienced”.
I am a founding member of the Association of Labor Private Consultancies, very dear to my colleagues, and for that I have been elected to all administrative boards, coming foremost in the crosses of preference among my fellow candidates. For many years I held the post of general secretary, while now I am vice president. My office is a private enterprise under the name Smyrnis Konstantinos with license number 30501 issued by the Ministry of Labor.

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‘Abios’, my private employment office, is an agency with outstanding presence in the work sector since in our days the need for finding both skilled and trustworthy people to work with is constantly increasing. Abios office comes to serve you after careful evaluation and selection of people with high standards and provide solutions to your problems. You can call us at tel. center no.: 2103837005 while the office is located at 9 Chalkokondili & Patision, 6th floor.

The staff comprising my office are: Stefanis Raphael, a graduate of Business Administration Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (studied on scholarship), speaks Greek, English and holds the position of Director in my business. Michael Dimitriou a graduate of the Military School of Cadets and now a retired officer. He speaks Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian and Polish. Ntelikrozeva Pepa, working nearly 10 years in my office and has extensive experience. He speaks Greek, Bulgarian, and Russian.

My office is cooperating with the employment office of Trikala, owned by Helen Foundas. I personally and my experienced staff, welcome you to our office expecting to serve you with great pleasure. You may even call us at the above tel. numbers, seven days a week and at 08.00-22.00 hours. My office has been serving customers including scientists, clients from television, radio as well as ordinary people like grandfather, grandmother, etc.


  • Domestic Staff: Domestic Assistants, care of the old, Nurses
  • Companies Staffing: Secretaries, Sellers, Clerks
  • Travel Jobs: Hotel and Restaurant Staff of all disciplines
  • Chambermaids, Scullery maids, Cooks, Kitchen help, Waitresses