Terms of use (Abios employment Agency)


For employers


A 6-month staff replacement warranty is provided, without any financial burden on any breaches of the agreed standards in terms of worker, in the workplace of the employer. The satisfaction of every client is the primary goal of our office. My colleagues are always helpful and willing to assist you make together the right choice for you to stay happy. Nevertheless, the employer has the right to replace the employee upon request and relevant communication to our office. With the help of my partners and under my supervision you will get the best service so as to minimize the possibilities to proceed to this action. Thus, in future, we will once more be your choice, for easy and difficult situations, or you can even recommend us to relatives, friends and acquaintances. Our broad and extensive experience can satisfy even the most demanding customers. All these, together with the great responsibility and professionalism in particular characterizing our office. By our office and me personally are conducted seminars for the employees to be honest, polite, sincere, kind-hearted, humble and helpful in their work. For details and inquiries, please call our phones. We are always available.


For employees


The working people we send to employers are the basis for the success of our agency, as they are all subjected to the strict and careful supervision by me and my partners. After serious and substantial communication and a sufficient amount of time we are in close contact with them, employees are aligned with the high demands and expectations of our agency, for our customers to stay satisfied. Thus, with the “hug” and polite and sincere support from my partners they find the work they are looking and are fit for. Everyday we come into contact with many candidates for work and we are constantly there to help them all and each one separately find the job they surely know and really want to do. For each employee who is now our partner ten ways of correct conduct in effect also comprise the “Bible” of our agency for them. These are: a) the kindness in the workplace, b) fairness in transactions, c) the courtesy to colleagues / employers, d) honesty at work, e) understanding the compromise, f) congratulations on success, g) assist in poverty, h) superiority in malignancy, i) the love to forgiveness and j) obedience to God. We are waiting for you to come with us.